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Exhibition Stand Design

Working with GIE is about building partnership, establishing long term relation and achieving results. Exhibition stand design is a major part of what we do and is an essential service that goes “hand in hand” ensuring your exhibition stand is delivered on time, on budget and on brief.

Our exhibit designers have in-depth experience working with clients in various industries, with variety of exhibitions, fairs and trade shows. They are very focused in your goals, creating a space that will enhance your trade show marketing objectives.

Our client list is varied, from small independent companies through to large Fortune 500 corporations, but our attitude remains the same throughout – Providing the right solution to the client for each event, at timescales that suit the client with an agreed budget. Here are the steps we take to create your exhibition stand:

Consultation & Planning

We analyze together. We like to take a consultative approach, so before we begin to conceptualize and plan your exhibition stand we sit down with you and really listen to what you’re trying to achieve. It is important to tell us as much information as possible, focusing especially on your budget, timescale and graphic objectives. By taking the time to truly understand our clients’ needs and aspirations we create a design that not only fulfills your requirements but one that will truly make your company stand out for the right reasons.


We provide a free initial design and quotation service based on your brief. We will work with you to evolve our initial concept without any obligation until you are completely satisfied with the final design.

Document Sign-offs

To ensure the quality and agreement of the process, we will ask all necessary details. This should include a written order with color confirmations and surface finishes, all graphic files and information on services. All these details will help ensure a smooth order process for your project. We will ask for your signature and approval of all supporting documents, such as design, quotation and contract. This is to guarantee on-time delivery of your exhibition stand.

Stand Production

Based on your approved design, we start building the structure and all the elements.

Exhibition Stand Preview

This will be the time for you to visit our workshop and preview your exhibition stand. Here you’ll be able to make any minor changes or adjustments before delivering your stand to the show.

Packing and Shipping

At this time, your stand is packed and ready for shipping to the venue.

Installation and Hand-over

Your stand will be managed by a dedicated member of our sales team and our production supervisor to execute the project orderly from design, build up and installation. After completing all the elements, we now hand-over the booth allowing you to focus on your exhibition objectives and enjoy a successful show.

After your successful show, our team will be ready to dismantle and pack up your stand ready to store in our on-site storage facility ready for your next exhibition.

Latest Work

Modular or Custom Exhibition Stand

Modular exhibition stands are effective, eye catching and very economic solution meanwhile flexible and re-configurable for different stand spaces if you exhibit regularly. When you want to make a big impression, a bespoke exhibition stand is the ultimate solution, limited only by imagination, and maybe the budget! Our new Custom Modular Profile System has all the benefits of both - a custom design created just for you, with the flexibility and value for money of a modular exhibition stand. Using a cutting edge combination of lightweight aluminum, acrylic, large format graphic panels and 'bolt-on' accessories, we can design a unique exhibition or trade show stand which is modern, visually appealing and reflects a contemporary approach to exhibition design. But in addition to all this, our Custom Modular exhibition system is versatile and flexible enough to be built in different sizes for different show spaces without losing the bespoke feel. This system has a long useful life span, so you can spread your investment over at least 2 or 3 years. Have a look at the examples in our Portfolio, or contact us for more information.

Advantages of Custom Modular:
A fusion of styles and materials to create your bespoke design
Reconfigurable for multiple use
Shorter build up times
Easy to transport
Reduced storage space required
Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials

5 January,2016